Artist Statement

The body’s expression, its physiognomy and the mystery of humans are the sparks that ignite my work. By conserving in my sculptures only the expression of an attitude or a feeling, I try to give form to their enigmas.

I feel that stone, containing the earth’s private diary, is the best medium to fuse an ephemeral moment of life with matter. The study of morphological relationships between the formal aspect of stone and the human body are the basis of my interpretation. Influenced by nature’s beauty, my sculptures often evoke organic forms merged into human forms.

I try to respect the roughness and the natural appearance of the stone while emphasizing certain elements through the interplay of textured and polished surfaces. The integration of metal parts into my sculptures reinforces the image of matter irrigated by life.

My sculptures are like confidantes, they do not impose. The fleeting moments and attitudes captured and reflected in stone awaken our emotional realm.